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Physical Form

Have a physical done and turned in to Ryan Bradley (Head Coach)

You may download one here:

Roaring Fork School District Athletic Registration

Follow steps two and three provided for you

on this website:


Once you have completed steps two and three come back to this screen.

Sports Fees

There are two sport fees you must pay:

  1. Athletic Fee: $100

    1. non-refundable

  2. Uniform Deposit: $100

    1. refundable once the uniform has been returned in good condition

    2. Make checks payable to:

      1. ​Basalt Booster Club

  3. Pay all fees to Ryan Bradley (Head Coach)​​

Final Step

Unless the following apply to you, congratulations you have finished the athletic registration process

  1. Managers

    1. You must fill out the RFSD Athletic Registration but a physical is not required​

  2. Transfers​

    1. If you are in grades 10-12(NOT A FRESHMAN) you must complete the following form:​


    2. If you are not from Basalt High School turn in a current class schedule and transcript from your current school to Ryan Bradley (Head Coach)​

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